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State Festival Information

Security at the Festivals: 

Background Checks:

Each guest artist we hire for all Thespian events are being screened and must pass a background check. This is in a continued effort to keep our students safe. We do not provide screening for Chaperones, as we trust our Troupe Directors are following their school’s mandated requirements for fingerprinting and screening volunteers. Please make sure your chaperones meet these requirements, as well as any day pass holders you bring to the festivals. 

Name Badges and Day Passes: 

Proper identification is essential to student safety at our festivals. Please make every effort to ensure that each attendee is wearing the name badge that matches their photo ID. We reserve the right to confirm identification at any time for any of our attendees. Individuals found wearing inaccurate identification may be removed from any and all thespian events at any time. 

As you may be aware, we have increased security at our State Festival over the past two years. This has increased the cost for the security fee from $5 to $10 per person which is included in your State Registration. (A fee the Board of Directors feels is essential to maintaining the safety of our students and attendees at the world’s largest thespian event). This helps supplement the cost of metal detectors, added police presence and security staff. These additions are mandated by our venues and are non-negotiable. With this added $5, plus the $10 festival insurance fee, the overall cost per attendee is now $150. I want to make sure you have this information to help with your planning for the year. 

In the spirit of security and safety we have added a few rules and and asterisk regarding weapons in both IE’s and One Acts. They are as follows: 


No Prop Weapons Allowed: This includes any prop that is being used to simulate a weapon. (Pantomime in these moments is encouraged). 

One Acts: 

  1. Any use of weapons including the use of guns must be indicated in festival registration, or the weapon cannot be used in the one act.
  2. Any prop gun used in a one act play must be locked and secured in the custody of the one act chair upon the troupe’s arrival at the performance venue and for the duration of the day of performance.
  3. All non-gun weapons must be checked in with the one act chair or event coordinator on the day of the performance and kept in that troupe’s 6×9’ box from load in to load out.( Please review all other rules pertaining to prop guns located on our website)

Also, we have added an *asterisk* to our list for all events:

G- Gun shot sound effects  

In addition, any use of a gun shot sound effect must be listed in programs, and included as a warning in a pre-show announcement for all mainstages.


We are now listing asterisk for all Mainstages, both on our website and anywhere ticketing is mentioned. 

We are currently accepting Mainstage Screening Applications and Fees (due to me in the mail by September 12th).   The application is available on floridathespians.com along with a complete listing of the mainstage guidelines.

Our Saturday evenings will be changing a bit. The board voted  to remove the dance from our list of evening activities. We are very excited about a new “100 hour Play Project” that we will be piloting this year. Each district will provide a team for this project and they will perform on Saturday evening in the ballrooms at the Tampa Convention Center. You will be provided more details on this once we get closer to the festival. 

SOS: (Send Others To State) 

Keep an eye out for a message from your district chair regarding the application for this year’s SOS. We were so fortunate to be able to send four schools last year based on the generous donations from our thespians across the state as well as our sponsors. We hope each district finds fun ways of raising funds this year to continue helping troupes in need.  

Scholarship Auditions (at State): 

In order to qualify for the Senior Scholarship Auditions, a student must now have received an overall SUPERIOR rating at a District Festival. 

Festival Housing: (ALERT!!)

I just received word that the NCAA Basketball tournament will be taking place in Tampa the same week as our State Festival this year. This will not impact the festival in any way, but will certainly make securing hotels a bit more challenging. I STRONGLY recommend booking your room blocks for State 2020 if you haven’t already done so, ASAP. I’ve included the direct link to our Festival Housing site for your convenience: 


Lastly, we are very excited to announce our theme for Festival 2022: Back to the Festival! Though we are thrilled with this theme, I want to remind all of our thespians that costumes and troupe ‘theme-days’ are not permitted at our festivals. Our focus should be on the work and the work of our fellow thespians.